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Board Certified Health Coach

BSc., (Hons.) MSc., NBC-HWC

JWellness is an Integrative Health Practice founded by Jocelyn Hill. Jocelyn is one of the few Board Certified Health Coaches in Canada. 

She studied at the Duke School of Integrative Medicine, has a Master of Science, and has completed advanced training in Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine, Resiliency and Mindfulness. 

Her unique expertise has helped hundreds of women with everything from common hormone imbalances to the complexity of a cancer diagnosis.


"If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness."

Areas of Expertise

My passion for health started when I was still in high school.  I became fascinated with the Physiology of stress, and read my first book on Lifestyle Medicine as a University Science student. Ironically, back then no one was talking about the power of food, the benefits of yoga, and the importance of managing your stress.   


I continued by formal education and received a Master of Science.  Along the way I have never stopped reading, listening and learning about every aspect of health and wellbeing. I’ve also completed Professional training programs in Mindfulness, Culinary Medicine, Hormone Health, and Mind Body Medicine.   


I have spent the past few years working with hundreds of women at a leading Integrative Women’s Clinic where I coach, and provide lifestyle counselling - on everything from brain to breast to bone health.


I am passionate about a Lifestyle before Medicine approach to health, and I like to emphasize skills over pills. People struggling with their health can make significant improvements by simply changing their mindset and behaviour.


Advances in the behavioural sciences are giving us better understanding of how our brains work, why we make the choice we do, and what it takes for us to be our best.  I am a highly skilled behaviour change expert who works with you to get healthy, and have fun doing it.

What Sets Me Apart

Using proven tools and methods developed by Duke Integrative Medicine, I will guide you through a process to decide what you want and how you’ll get there.


Health - It focuses on health optimization in addition to disease management.

Planning - It encourages you to look beyond your current state and symptoms to develop a proactive focused plan for your healthy future.

Healing - It helps you envision and attain a future of well-being that includes vitality, joy and balance no matter what your current condition.

A multidimensional, whole person approach - it considers all of who you are, and with attention to your goals.

Support - It helps you implement your personal health plan and make it work for you in the context of your real life.


Contact Me

Contact me to book your 15 minute complimentary appointment. Call now to find how you can optimize your life.

Our sessions can be done in person, by phone or Zoom.


In addition to our sessions, you will be provided work sheets, prep forms, and educational resources to aid in your progress.

2498 Yonge Street #314

Toronto, Ontario M4P 2H7

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