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How JWellness Works

You are in charge. You decide where you want to be and I’ll help you get there.

You set the agenda for your health. I help you develop a plan, and stay connected with you to help you achieve it. Your health and your life will improve.


Every coaching relationship is unique. Through our sessions you will be able to clarify your health goals and develop a plan to adopt and maintain behaviours, choices and attitudes that will help you achieve optimal health.


You will form a strong partnership that will explore your optimal health vision based on your own goals and values. You will also discuss barriers to success and why past attempts may have failed. Integrative health coaches work with you as a whole person.


After analyzing all of the information collected from the initial sessions, I will formulate a detailed health plan and help guide your course of action. Weekly tracking and check ins helps map your progress and hold you accountable to your health goals. If needed, I can also provide additional resources for making healthy behaviour changes.


Support is very important to the success of any program. Navigating the endless amounts of information can be daunting. Let your health coach be your guide. Your health is important. Make an appointment to find out more.

My Services

Now more than ever people are feeling overwhelmed by too many choices, and they are sicker, are taking more drugs, and looking for solutions. People who ignore their health today will pay the price later.

People want to take control of their health but it’s overwhelming. Just trying googling a ketogenic diet....

I help people of all ages to manage and regain control of their health through personalized coaching and lifestyle counselling.



Personalized Health Planning: just like your investments, your health requires frequent reassessing and rebalancing. Everyone needs a health plan.

Integrative Health Coaching: for expertise in behaviour change, or to get the kick start you need to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Health Navigation: when you want to feel your best, but don’t know who to see, where to begin, or you’re dealing with a chronic condition or new diagnosis.

Personalized Lifestyle Management: lifestyle strategies (nutrition, sleep, stress, mindfulness, mindset) for health optimization.

Lifestyle Genomics: using your genes to plan a personalized diet and lifestyle.

Health Consulting: corporate training, workshops, events.

My Approach
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